Charged With a Crime in Bozeman, Montana?

Retain Johnson Law, PLLC to help guide you through your legal challenges

Whether or not this is your first offense, you could be facing steep fines and time behind bars. At Johnson Law, you'll work directly with me, Jaydan D. Johnson. I am a former prosecutor and have extensive experience handling...

I also represent minors who've received youth court citations. Reach out today to learn more about other legal services I can provide.

Taking on your case

Criminal cases present unique challenges, so you need an experienced defense attorney by your side who understands the complexities of your situation. At Johnson Law, I strive to help each client grasp their situation and the options available to them. As a former prosecutor, I have extensive experience handling
criminal cases, and I can guide you through yours. These charges can leave a lasting impact on your life if you're convicted, so don't hesitate to meet with me about your situation.

Contact me today if you need a criminal defense attorney in Bozeman, MT. I evaluate every possible avenue for my clients whether that's negotiation and pretrial motions or trial.

Experience Matters

Prior to opening Johnson Law, I was a prosecutor for over five years. Before that, I served in the U.S. Army Infantry, taking part in the initial invasion of Iraq and later working as a Blackwater contractor in Afghanistan.

I consider every client innocent until proven guilty and will stop at nothing to protect your rights and maintain your presumption of innocence. With this in mind, you need to look no further for a criminal defense attorney in Bozeman, MT.